Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mr. T

Tony Soprano helped me get over my fear of getting older. Basically, I was afraid of getting older because I don't want to be ugly, and he showed me that you could get old and ugly but still be totaalllly hot.

He looks like a total bull, and it's sexy. He just radiates this barely contained violence and power, which is hot. So thats what I need to do when i get older. I think when I get fat (because its basically inevitable unless your like, a freak or hate food or something) I'm just going to take steroids, pump iron and bulk up, so I'll be some crazy muscular fat old dude. It'll be rad.


arnessang said...

Ok, I don't know why I always end up being the first to comment on your blogs. Anyway, I totally agree with you about this.

I worry about getting old and fat too, and I'm a LOT older than you. However, despite that, as I've gotten older I've totally gotten hotter. I'm not being arrogant (ok, maybe just a little), but anyway, it's totally true. Mainly because I really worked on being completely in my body and true to myself.

Have you ever seen people who are technically "hot" (ie: beautiful) but are actually complete wet fish?
Then there are people who are not that beautiful by society's standards, and they are attracting everyone under the sun?

It's all about energy- ie: Power.

I had the unfortunately addicting experience of turning on "Paradise Hotel" the other day - a reality show about allegedly "hot" people who have to compete for hook ups. It was pathetic, and while everyone had a great body, they were completely lame, and all they talked about was how hot they each were. It was so NOT hot.

Hotness isn't how you look, it's how you make other people FEEL.

Myles said...

James Gandolfini is so sexy. I would do him in a heartbeat.