Tuesday, February 5, 2008


SO I told the WRONG PEOPLE that I've decided the 90's are cool again, and they have been teasing me EVERY DAY about it. ASking me if I like this 90's band, or that 90's band, and guess what- I DON't KNOW. I'm really ignorant it turns out about the 90's.

But I think I found the best 90's record ever- which isn't to say the best record of the 90's (duh, Pinkerton)- rather it has every aspect of 90's rock done perfectly- the retarded distortion on the guitars, the thick bass, the kick ass drums, the whiny over-wrought lyrics, the amaturely sung but whole hearted cello ballads, the toying with hip-hop- that really defined it.

It's Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne.


Myles said...

Your Frenemies/Fans/Idols links still don't work. You should try to click them and see. Not knowing how to use the Internet is so 90s. Maybe you were never in the 2000s.

Zoe Lowe said...

Don't worry, I'll vouche that the 90's are back. I mean, who can handle anymore of that 80's revival bullshit? If I see one more fucking 80's prom party packed with ironically dressed Marina bitches I am going freak out.

I'm just glad I didn't throw out all my flannels from high school.