Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Retail Review: Density

Density is a new store on Valencia street. It's really OK, but not great. In fact, its maybe less than OK, its just like, blehh. It carries a bunch of grey jackets, some distressed label jeans, a little bit of Fred Perry, a few random hoodies and sweaters, and best, a bunch of Free Gold Watch shirts. It's a reallllly boring selection, that you could find at almost any store in San Francisco.

There's a lot of these boutiques popping up: someone opens a few accounts, gets a store front and hires his/her friends to staff it. I think Density will be gone in a year because they just don't have the selection or perspective to really make it. I mean, why would I go back there ? They didn't have anything exclusive, interesting or adventerous. Honestly, Community Thrift has better, more interesting clothing.

So yeah Density- may as well not exist.

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