Sunday, January 6, 2008


I know this blog is really negative. So here is the positive post for today:

I <3 mary timony ! She is so rad ! Her songs are amazing, and she makes me happen. She was the first artist like that that I got to- you know, Lisa Frank music, like metallica or Kate Bush. I also really identify with her music, which is a combo of like, faux-medieval, glam-rock and indie rock. I hate indie rock normally, so this is an exception for me.

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Jeremy Smears said...

do you like helium too? i was way into helium because you caught glimpses into her crazy inner world, but it was still pretty grounded and that mix sounded kinda dangerous at times -- specifically on that pirate prude ep.

i want to like her solo stuff, but she's retreated so far into whatever world it is she's created in her head that I'm left out in the cold.