Sunday, January 6, 2008


So I was working on a press release at work, and the subject of BAR came up, and I said to her- "mmmm....there's no gay angle for this, so I don't think we should bother."

She shot back immediatly "what do you mean, its about art isn't that a gay angle ?"

So I was like, whatever, OK- but then a few moments later she was describing the front-man of a local hard-rock band (who's name rhymes with hiss) and she said, "oh you know, he's this kinda :makes limp hand gesture, bounces up and down: kind of guy".

We all know about male homophobia- its aggressive and ugly and paranoid (no homo no homo no homo), but female homophobia is like the Antarctica of homophobia, a vast cold hidden place that sucks.

Another person I know, who's closest friend is gay, walks around with all sorts of ideas about gays- that they are inherently poncey and fashionable, and a little ridiculous. That people view homosexuality as inherently ridiculous- that is where the seeping ugliness comes in.

The worst/best example of girly homophobia is that song 'UR So Gay' by Katy Perry. She's a stupid bitch: you can tell that by her myspace- but whats even worse is that she just peddles this ugly homophobia as if it wasn't. The song would be better sung by a Band Of Bro's.

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