Sunday, December 30, 2007

Retail Review: Ceiba

Whenever I go to a rave, I'm always like, fuck where do they get those ugly ass clothes ? Its crazy how raver bitches really know how to mix up cargo capris with corsets.

But today, buying a ticket for my NYE rave, I found the Emporium of Ugly Raver clothes, the Mecca: its called Ceiba. The staff is all euro trash. $120 for stuff that looks like you made it, no I mean, YOU made it, like yourself. With a stapler.

This hoody makes me want to never wear an all over print hoody again.

This is me in my home-made raver hoodie, but look, I'm rad and ironic, plus I use japanese inspirations to keep it simple and focused:

But then you see, I go with a all together different style anyways.

1 comment:

Myles said...

If you don't wanna look like a candy raver stop wearing pj's to practice. I mean being sleepy and babyish isn't so rock and roll.