Sunday, December 2, 2007

Old Riot Grrls: WTF ???

You know I love riot grrls. I love how they dress, I love there attitudes, I love there art. There music is super inspiring to me, and just the other day I was listening to bikini Kill and was like 'wow, I totally sing like Kathleen Hanna !' except you know, I was all fannish and being like 'oh but not as perfect as her' etc. etc.

What i DON'T get though is why of the two important grrl's i've met, why they were both SO unfriendly.

First, lets start with the more excusable of the two:

That tiny picture is of Tobi Vail playing guitar, and being cool, which is what she is apparently really good at. She was way too cool to talk to me for more than five seconds even though I have her old best band that she only played drums for and they wouldn't even let her play guitar or sing because she prob. SUCKED, and she probably broke up the band because she was jealous of Kathleen who is a MILLION times more talented, and anways, she couldn't even talk to me even though I have her GOOD band tattooed on me. I mean, c'mon at least give me a hug and take my album ! But no, she like looked at me like 'who ?' and then dissapeared. So she and her tour buddies totally missed the chance to rock out to God's Boat for the rest of the tour.

I wonder with this one, did she think I was trying to hit on her ? Is that why riot grrls are so mean to me ? Well, I'M NOT. So in case your reading this, you can be nice to me because I AM NOT coming on to you, OK. I have a girlfriend, and anyways, your just not my thing, alright ? When it comes to older ladies, my tastes run a little more yuppie.

OK, but here is the inexcusable one:

So let me set the scene: I am sixteen y/o, really bad hair, totally virginal and dorkily into Sleater-Kinney. Like I own Excuse 17 into Sleater-Kinney. So they play a free show that somehow benefits food not bombs: fugazi was also playing it. Fugazi sucks.

Sleater-Kinney meanwhile, were RAD. Carrie got a new guitar at the show- she unpacked it in front of the audience, tuned it and ROCKED with it. They were great, and it was totally fun.

So I'm walking around afterwards and I see Corin Tucker, just standing there talking to this woman who worked in my middle school's library, and I was like, 'woh !' So I walk over, get her attention and start gushing about how I have all the records and how much I love her band, and both of them look at me like I'm fucking crazy.

So she was like 'thats nice'. She didn't even give me a hug ! and the middle school woman didn't even vouch for me !

God !


Myles said...

LOLz. This is really funny Aaron. Fix the Tobi Vail one so it's a big picture. It doesn't look like there is any picture there.

Chris said...

You know who is about 100x meaner than Tobi Vail? Her sister Maggie, formerly of that band Bangs. My old band in NYC ended up playing like, 3 shows with them and she was so totally cold and snappy to us every time. We'd say "hi" to her since we knew her from past shows and she wouldn't even say hi back! And one time she totally snapped our bassist's head off when she tried to tell her why she was getting so much feedback on her microphone. Rude! Later on she broke a bass string during the Bangs' set and asked if anyone had one for her and our bassist was like "Yeah, I have some in my case but she's not getting 'em now!"