Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New And Used Records

I don't write much about my band on here, because I think/talk about it too much as it is, plus nobody cares. But go with this for a moment:

I guess this is an open letter to my label owner, Will Benham. It's about your N&UR label blog. I read your blog (www.newandusedrecords.com) pretty much everyday, and I have to say, I wish it were different. I feel like you hardly mention the band, or yourself for that matter, and I feel like from reading it I would hardly know anything about the experience of running a label. I really wish I could read more about feelings, insecurities, conversations, stories, etc. and less about trends in the music industry.

Personally, I think it would be stickier if there were more photos of you going out, of us being cute, funny/sad/angry stories about the people you run into, alcohol/drug laced rants, etc. It's too businessy at this point, I would like it to kick more ass, you know ? More hotties, less pie charts.

Ok, thats all. I might be in a bad mood, because I feel like I am stuck in the Christmas edition of SAW, where I am forced to watch the Santa Clause 3 or chew my leg off.


Elton Tom (this could be you!!! send us some dirt, good tips and stuff.) said...

Hey Aaron,

I'll teach you how to drive. We could have you try some basic stuff in the Old Navy parking lot.


New and Used Records said...

And this is why I am glad to have the Passionistas around. I would say your concerns about the blog are about the same as mine. I think it takes a little while for blogs to find a voice, and I would say that blog is still developing its voice. It's always helpful to hear what people like and dislike since that helps me shape the content a bit. I kinda wish I had a photographer following me around. I think in maybe a month or so, I'll have that blog where I want it to be. Rock on.

Myles said...

More hotties less pie charts. That's what we should all shoot for.

New and Used Records said...

Oh, and please send me pictures of you all being cute. I will post them all. I love to post pictures, I just don't know how to take them. Also, if someone wants to take cute/hot photos of me, that'd be cool. I'm vain, too.

Jeremy Smears said...

Seriously, less pie charts. This continues to be my favorite blog -- I had to stop checking it at work because I laugh out loud.

Will -- I have tons of photos of the passionistas being cute, feel free to post them! But, please, keep my alcoholic shenanigans out of your musings on the music industry. I have enough to be embarrassed about on a daily basis.