Sunday, December 23, 2007

For the Ladies...

So this is a special christmas post for the ladies. I just have a confession to make: I get crushes really easily. Even though I have a girlfriend, I get crushes all the time, everywhere. So if your hanging out with me and you get a weird vibe, like 'damn, does Aaron like like me or something ??' the answer is probably I do ! But don't worry about it. Just chill, be flattered and enjoy the attention, I'm not gonna do anything. Just be like, damn, there's Aaron and thats so nice !

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arnessang said...

Aaron -

The fact that you are so upfront about these feelings make you an even better boyfriend.

Some men flirt and have crushes in insidious ways and then don't tell women they have a girlfriend. Probably some women do the same thing.

Being in a relationship doesn't mean we will never be attracted to anyone else. People don't talk about that very often. It's a fact of life, and if we are honest about it, it can actually make our relationships richer and more dynamic because flirting and crushes bring fuel to our life energy!

Thanks for the wonderful blog.