Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Style Profile: Aaron Sunshine

So in addition to the Passionistas, I've also been working on being a style icon, and guess what ?! I got interviewed by 'Oeil D'âne' about my personal style. Here it is !

OD: You 'av theez verrry p'owerful persosnell stile- wut inspirres eet ?

AMS: In terms of self-presentation, I really go back to Coco Chanel, who said that "Fashion is now, Style is forever." I think so much of 'good style' is finding the balance between the now and the eternal. People who look too current look ridiculous- they're dated immediatly- but if you don't even have a touch of the novel, then you look stodgy. You have to shock people with your look, but then you have to entrance them. I think fashion, like all art, is about getting to the eternal truth through the current mode. So I guess thats how I try to balance it.

OD: Whut celebrites arre yourrr fash-een inspirations ?

AMS: I wouldn't say a lot of celebrities are fashion inspirations. A lot of celebrities dress as badly as anyone. I'm honestly more inspired by the rich Latin girls at the mall and the hipsters aroudn SF than celebrities.

The one celebrity who I really love is Pharrell Williams: I love how he dresses really extreme,
and its not always great: I also like how he can just be tacky. I guess I'm more interested in people looking distinct than in them looking 'good'.

I like how metal bands dress. They look way better than indie rockers.

Probably my biggest fashion inspiration is this crazy old lady named Matilda. Her son died of cancer when he was little, and she never really recovered. In response to his death, she took her money and opened up Young Performers Theatre, which is a place for young actors to perform childrens place for other kids. I was in the theater when I was a teenager.

She always looked like a rich bag lady: she had this badly applied eye shadow that always seemed to be flaking, black velvet dresses, and a bald spot. Her hair was very thin. She was magnetic though: i loved to sit next to her, and listen to her talk. She was basically a goth, the goth grandma of pacific heights.

OD: 'Ell may aboot 'ow yoou 'rrived atch yor currrrent fasheen ? what do you tink eeez hot ?

AMS: Well thats a hard question. I mean, my current fashion is just a combination of the fixations i've gotten: band t-shirts and sneakers and cardigans and Japanese style hoodies and skinny jeans and tacky little pieces of jewelry. I guess i'm just really trendy. I just throw it on, throw up on myself.

What do I think is hot...on me, I think its hot when I have an outfit that is louder than me [laughs], I think its hot when I lose enough weight to be cute. Heat comes from you, but your clothes have to channel it. Clothes can give shape to confidence.

OD: Whuut eez yoor next s'tep ? What duhz theee fu-ture hoold for Aar-een ?

AMS: I want to expand my palette: fuchsia's, reds, more orange- I want to dress really ugly. I want to get away from matching, but thats harder than I thought. I want to spend more money on clothes, get more jewelry. Better accessories. I'm really in love with how people look in places like Dallas and Miami- I don't mean the cool kids or the rappers- I mean like, I like how the MOR rich people who love football and are involved in oil look. I want to look like that, but urban and young. I guess I don't know.


New and Used Records said...

I'm quite impressed with you for landing this interview. I agree that being a style icon is certainly about finding that balance between timeless style and something new and daring. Needless to say, if you go for totally timeless - ie, suits, ties, etc - you may ultimately send the wrong impression. Kanye is one of my style icons, but my cousin Alex really has always been my ultimate style icon. He seems to have it down, and hands down a lot of his clothes to me. There is some stuff he manages to pull off though that I just can't.

arnessang said...

Yeah, go Aaron Sunshine! This is a very interesting interview. Being a style icon is fantastic. I don't know if I am one or not, but I would like to think I have a unique style that combines the best qualities of NYC and SF.

I personally am jealous of big hair. I like how they do it in LA, or even some parts of TX. That is one area where I could use some help. San Francisco is not known for great big hair.

Myles said...

This is so fucking funny Aaron. I love this interview.