Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OMG !!! You Would Not Believe...

Seriously, check out the e-mail i was forwarded today. I'm not gonna say anything about who or whom- you know who wrote it- but this is serious !

Aaron is just so needy. I mean they all are, but Aaron is just exceptional. I know he pretends, but god, he just has to be surrounded by people who like him ! it's pathetic- i couldn't stand it. I mean, he's not even talented, but he'll tell people anything to get them to like him. He lies all the time- it used to make me so sick, how he'd just fawn over anybody. The Passionista's mutual appreciation society is so stupid, and Aaron is always there singing the falsetto 'OH MYLES YOU SO SMART, OH ANDREW YOUR SUCH A GOOD BASS PLAYER'.

So you get a sense of the sort of message this was. SOMEONE just hating on us.

Myles is just a selfish asshole. If his ego wasn't so big or so in need of feeding (AARON) he would probably have kicked everyone else out of the band. Myles JUST CAN'T BE BOTHERED, you know, to care about someone else. He's just that type of person. No wonder everyone thinks he's a jerk, oh yeah except for his boyfriends!

It gets worse though. I had to edit some quotations because it said some personal things about some friends of the band that I would feel bad divulging. Tom is a really nice guy, and really, shame on you ! And so what if he played drums for us ?! Did you really think that you could just send something like that and we'd never hear about it ?

Andrew pretends to be a likable idiot, but he's as bad as the other two ! Try getting Andrew to do anything that's not for Andrew and see what happens 'oh sorry man i'm tired, oh sorry, yeah I can't come, sorry sorry sorry' every other fucking word from him is sorry. He might be the worst- he's like an evil concoction of neediness and selfish.

This is really all I can post from the letter. There's some other comments in there that are private, but its just fucked up. Look, OK, i'll tell you- who did this- I'm sorry that things haven't worked out for you, OK ? But don't try to poison things for us. Fuck, it's not my fault, you know ? I'm not revealing you this time, but don't do this again.

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Myles said...

Ha ha ha! That's so true. But even my boyfriends think I'm a jerk.