Friday, November 2, 2007

OMG!!!! Gwen heard the album !

So I never write about the Passionistas on this blog. I feel like there's enough of that in the world for me to write about other people.

Still this is too big: Will (the guy who runs our management company) called me to say that he had just had a ten minute discussion with Gwen Stefani's manager, David Schiff about our album 'God's Boat'. I can't really say too much (I probably shouldn't even be saying this), but...- this is too much-

Honestly, we'd lost faith in God's Boat. It's a great record and everything, but we just don't think its going to hit, you know ? It's a nice piece of back catalog at this point, and we're just really excited about 'In A Zoo, With No Rules'.

OK, I can't say too much, but here's some highlights:

-Her favorite track is 'No No No', because it's 'really sexy, and totally what its like to be married'.

-She was 'really moved' by our tribute 'Y2k'. She really wants to 'thank everyone involved'.

-Thinks 'It needs to be brighter, you know ? It's too dark and plain. No one will ever buy it in Iowa. It sounds like Iowa. It needs to sound like LA.'

-'The Socialists' is 'a really stupid song, like XTC.'

-'It sounds like a record Tony and the guys would've really liked when we were on tour. Whatever.'

Well, I worship Gwen so I'm happy that she heard it. Will told me she had previous commitments, so she can't have a guest spot, which is really frustrating. Whatever though, I guess its cool that she liked it.

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