Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fashion Predictions 2008

OK, so at Music Stands for Comfort, we pretty much know whats up. SO here it is, get the jump:

-Jeans will begin to loosen, and straight leg jeans will become popular. Bootcut=death, and skinny jeans are gonna look 'so 2007' (though I will stick to skinny jeans 4ever.)

-Those who stick with skinny jeans will inflate there shirt sizes- expect to see tons of oversize shirts.

-70's/80's Grandma Eurostyle will continue to come back- expect to see the Clipse in suits and sweaters, Mercede's S-Classes from the era being the ironic car of choice, sunglasses getting bigger and uglier. Lots of beige, brown, white and black. Canes, cigarette cases, subtle jewelry. The idea will be to look like oldest money.

-Graphic t's and all-over-print hoodies are dead.

-The mid-90's will re-assert itself, and streetwear will continue to trend to flannel, hi-tops and lighter-colored jeans.

-Sneakers will look functional and more muted. The era of patent leather is over.

-In general, fashion will move towards 'sophistication' and 'subtlety' instead of 'fun and garish'.

-I will be changing my look, and I will be more beautiful than ever.

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