Thursday, November 1, 2007

Deco Deco Deco

Deco's Halloween was pretty much it. It seemed that everyone who was there (which was <90) was someone. Which is cool, but not, because 'someone' usually means 'broke and won't pay for anything' which translates into 'no ones makes any money and it sucks.'

But it was rad, and I had a good time. Heard gossip- local band drama, which is silly but serious if your in said band (which I'm not !), and met this performance artist that throws up on himself, beats himself with a baseball bat and worships marilyn manson. Is it 1997 ? What is going on ?

Does anyone remember the guy who got some art school in trouble in like 1998 by tying up a student and shitting in his mouth ? I remember it was a big flack and there was a lawsuit. I wonder if that is coming back ?

Also, the Passionistas have a bet going, that pants are tragically going to become looser over the next year. One look at the current cheap monday website will confirm this, and Andrew will owe me a bottle of Skyy.

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