Friday, November 2, 2007

Culkin duh

If I could just be beautiful, and unlimited from my biology, I would pretty much like to look like Macauley. He's not perfect, and doesn't even look pretty sometimes- though when he does he is just...he bounces from a 6 to a 10.

He has wonderful, sleepy, stoned eyes, and perfect bee-stung lips- probably the best lips on anyone. He has a slight frame, and a masculine, flattish nose.

If I was Macauley Culkin, I think I would stare at myself all day. i stare at myself all the time as it is, let alone if I was someone else. I would love to be someone else. I love being me, but it would be fun to be able to take on disguises.

What makes him special though is not just his features, but its the way that time seems to slow around him. He has perfect timing on camera- not just comic timing, but he has a way to take a moment and make it forever.

Just watch:

At the beginning of party monster, Michael Alig (played by Macauley) walks in on a monolog that James St. James (Seth Green) is delivering. He has a plate of drugs, says its coke- James does a line, and the drugs being heroin, immediatly falls asleep. Macauley looks up, smiles and takes over.

Party Monster rests on the fact that Macauley makes you believe in Alig's genius. If most biopics rely on you accepting the brilliance of its subject before you walk in the theater, party monster convinces you at every moment. It is Macauley you are responding to, and his aura of control, of his ability to slow time, to set the pace instead of having it being set.

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