Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Christmas List

I realized the other day that no one reads my blog. Like, literally nobody.


-I think Jessica is super cute ! I wish she was my older sister.

-My g/f Erica is also really amusing ("amusing" btw is my main criteria for people), but she also has a temper !

-I'm totally a glutton, but I also want to be really thin. That's my existential crisis.

-I think a lot about what would happen if my parents/lover/band/etc. were to suddenly die. The Passionistas get into a lot of firey car-wrecks in my head, or fall off of cliffs. My parents die in plane crashes, and my girlfriend dies of cancer (or is killed by her mom.)

-The one thing I'm angry at my parents about is how they totally didn't equip me with social skills. My parents sometimes make me shudder at there daft social skills.

-I'm really obsessive and I spend a lot of time trying to appear less obsessed than I am. I basically can't really think about more than one thing at once, which makes me terrible at thrift-shopping.

For example: I really want a Razr, even though there not good phones. I just really want one though and no other phone will satisfy me. I feel like if I buy another phone, I'll still just be thinking about the razr.


Jeremy Smears said...

we totally read your blog. duh.

AaronMayfieldSunshine said...

I think that you meant to say that "I have a temper, yet my amusing gf Erica is so amusing as she puts up with it!"

Myles said...

This is a great post.

Jeremy Smears said...

i read it too.

Elton Tom (this could be you!!! send us some dirt, good tips and stuff.) said...

that was me, not Jeremy

ohnochriso said...

I totally read your blog and I commented twice. So nyah.

But seriously don't buy a Razr. So bad! I have a busted one you can have if you just want to like, hold it in your hands and stuff.

New and Used Records said...

As far as phones go, my mouth waters at the sight of Verizon's new LG Voyager (despite it's uncool name).

arnessang said...

Geez, now I can't stop thinking about razr phones too. Obsess, obsess, obsess!